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The attractively designed NuPolar™ Glare Demonstrator from Younger Optics features a metal stand with a picture of either a driving or a winter scene, covered by a thin plastic film that reflects ambient light and creates glare over the image.  When viewed through polarized lenes (a lorgnette with polarized lenses is provided), the glare disappears and the scene is clear.  The NuPolar™ Glare Demonstrator has a small footprint and is designed to fit easily on any dispensing table and is FREE through Sheridan Optical.
Free NuPolar Demonstrator! Click Here to Order!

  Sheridan Optical Free-Form Digital Progressives

100% digital backside design for easier adaptation and wear

Available in all Materials and Seg Heights (minimum 14mm)

Click Here for Information about "As Worn" VS "As Prescribed" Powers Click here to see a video explaining IOT Digital Ray-Path® technology